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  • I Look Like a Tater Tot
  • Sumner Smith
  • farmkids

I Look Like a Tater Tot

If you're wondering how it's going on the farm lately, this quote from Sam probably sums it up rather well.  We're at the batting cage at the barn yesterday (which used to be my trailer shed, but currently is an almost-60-foot batting cage), and I'm freezing my ass off waiting for him to finish warming up, and he looks over at me and starts laughing and says "Hey mom, you sort of look like a tater tot right now."  And I started laughing too, because I totally did.

Here's the thing about growing up on a farm while engaging in many outdoor sports - you get good at figuring out how not to be too hot or too cold.  I'm like Goldilocks - I like my temperature to be jusssst right.  And if you're going to be spending your afternoon in the windy shade on a 45 degree afternoon waiting to feed balls into a pitching machine (and you're from the South), then in order for your temperature be jussst right it requires a lot of clothes.  So there I sat in a lounge chair in the pasture with a goat for company, watching Sam warm up by hitting balls off the tee, and I was fully decked out in fleece boots, ski bibs, a parka, and a hat.  Which I get sounds completely nuts for the temp, but you know what - I wasn't the least bit cold.  Which is good, because the boy likes it when I help him out in the cage, and I like watching him have fun, and that's way more likely to happen when I am, as my mother likes to say, snug as a bug in a rug.

The batting cage running down the side of the barn.

Yes, I wear Sam's old Little League batting helmet with the full face mask.  Turns out balls can ricochet back off of the machine and around the net, and I like my nose intact, thanks.  And also, this helmet looks totally hot.

View from the cage looking down over the lake.  


  • Sumner Smith
  • farmkids

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