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  • Woolworth Walk and Studio Ninjas
  • Sumner Smith
  • bizjewelry

Woolworth Walk and Studio Ninjas

Just finished updating Woolworth Walk - my one and only gallery.  I've been there for years... and more years.  I was there when I primarily sold beeswax lanterns!


 I still have a few of those around the house - beeswax shells with pressed flowers.  I love them, but they're a mess to make.  And also quite seasonal - turns out no one wants to buy things that you set on fire in the summer.  

Woolworth very graciously transitioned with me when I moved from making beeswax lanterns, to beeswax jewelry, to resin jewelry.  


Why no more beeswax jewelry?  Well, it's cool, but it's not exactly in it for the long haul.  I mean, it's beeswax, so even if you coat it in resin it still isn't going to last too long.  So eventually I moved on to pure resin - no beeswax required - and the rest is history.   If you're ever in Asheville, I highly recommend Woolworth  Walk.  It's all local art, and the Soda Fountain is the best.

Speaking of things that happen in Asheville - I'm also hiring a part time Studio Ninja (or Studio Assistant, if you want to be boring about it.)  If you're in Asheville and you think your destiny might involve working in my studio, check out the Jobs link in the footer of my website.  I've gone back and forth a hundred times on whether to have someone help me with production, but I've finally figured it out.  Despite my best efforts, I cannot warp the time space continuum.  And thus I have failed at creating more hours in the day.  

Soooo I'm gonna need some help.  Because I have all of these ideas in my head for amazing new jewelry, but so far no hours in the day to actually create it.  Creating new designs is one of the most fun parts of what I do - lots of trial and error, and things that you know are going to look amazing that don't, and things that you didn't intend to do at all that end up being your favorite thing.  But it's time consuming - like right now I need to go to Home Depot and buy a pipe cutter and then scour a few jewelry supply catalogs for the exact right chain.  Those are for different components by the way - no pipe cutter required for jewelry chain.  So I'm excited to free up some time for new design, and am thinking the universe is going to send me the exact right person.  Come on, right person! 

Speaking of the right people, if you're not in Asheville, but want to be part of the Spotted Dog Farm team, I've also got a few things I could use help with on a virtual basis - so if you're an experienced VA with a love of jewelry and details (not necessarily in that order), drop me a line.

  • Sumner Smith
  • bizjewelry