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  • The Slow Life
  • Sumner Smith
  • farmlife

The Slow Life

You know what I just realized - life slows down out here.  I remember when I was a kid, and years seemed to take forever to pass.  Like you lived a full and unique story arc every time the seasons changed.  And then life sped up, and I kind of just attributed it to adulthood - like everything gets crazy and time just passes, and before you know it you're 40.  Strange.  

And also, as an aside, this is one of the main reasons I ran screaming from corporate life - I distinctly remember thinking "you mean I'm just supposed to do this exact same thing... FOREVER???"  That seemed incredibly strange.  And also maybe intolerable.  

And now I think maybe the reason corporate life seemed so  insane, and life seemed so fast, was because nothing ever changed.  And out here, back on the farm, there's always change.  From the seasons mainly.  

The weather isn't just something that happens outside the window, it's a major player in my day.  In the summer feeding the animals isn't such a big deal - no hauling hay.  And it tends to be dryer - no rubber boots.  And my picnic deck opens up as an auxiliary office, and every spare minute is likely to be spent in the pond, or near the pond, or on a lawnmower while wishing I was in the pond.  

Conversely in the winter, it seems like this place is never going to be warm again.  And everything's brown outside - like everything.  Which is why when we re-sided the house this summer I was adamant that it was going to have some color "so it won't just blend into the tan in the winter."  And we now have a blue/maybe purple house, so mission accomplished.

But time just seems to pass more slowly - I can barely even remember when it was so cold, and I feel like I've been playing in this pond every day for years.  And I love this.  

  • Sumner Smith
  • farmlife

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