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  • The Hawk and the Rabbit at the Dinner Party
  • Sumner Smith
  • dogsfarm

The Hawk and the Rabbit at the Dinner Party

Some of my very favorite people, law school friends we hadn't seen in way too long,  came to dinner on Friday night.  We were thrilled to see them - Thomas and Stephanie are those people you feel like you just talked to, even if it's been seven (!!!!) years.

So we're doing the little walk around the property before turn on the grill and sit down on the picnic deck, and about that time we see the hawk flying around overhead.  He (?) is a regular - likes to swoop in big circles above the pond, or land in the tallest trees and stare down at us, rather smugly. 

So we're admiring the hawk, and then it flies off, and we're watching the dogs gambol about when they startle the hawk who has landed in the grass over near the outbuildings.  Most unusual - the hawk's not usually on the ground.  And then Betty comes galloping back with a rabbit in her mouth.  Yikes.  This isn't totally unprecedented - Moose has been known to catch a rabbit, although Betty's the one that knows what to do with a caught rabbit.  She eats them.  In big, gross gulps.

So Betty whizzes by us with a rabbit hanging out of her mouth, and about that time Thomas notices that the rabbit is missing its head.  I mean, seriously? WTF.  And what kind of dinner party for old friends is?  A dinner party on a farm I guess.

My best guess is that the hawk had already caught the rabbit, and was trying to eat it when the dogs startled it and Betty took the prize.  So then we're all trying to convince Betty to hand over the poor rabbit, while keeping some semblance of "no big deal, in just a minute we'll go grill dinner as soon as we handle this bunny situation."  

Fortunately our friends are not fazed by much.  And Betty finally traded her prize for a dog biscuit (which was good because if she eats a rabbit she is definitely going to throw up the parts in my living room in a few hours... and if I didn't want to handle a dead rabbit to start with, I *definitely* don't want to handle it the second time around.)  

So, you know, nature man.  It's everywhere.  Even at dinner parties.

  • Sumner Smith
  • dogsfarm

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