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  • The Happy Accident
  • Sumner Smith
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The Happy Accident

School's back in session, and I'm getting my work groove back.  Getting a little more regimented, back on the clock, back to making plans.  And when this time of year hits I always feel a little frustrated with some of the things I didn't do over the summer... didn't keep up with this blog consistently, didn't go to yoga everyday, didn't stock pile a zillion pieces of jewelry for the holiday season.  But the truth is, it's the disruption of my regular stuff that allows some room for the unexpected.  

In knitting I always call this the happy accident.  I may not end up with exactly what I thought I was making, but often it's still very cool.  This summer's happy accident - the skim pool.  

See, last summer Sam discovered skim boarding at the beach, and had fun, and that was all I thought about it.  But this summer Sam seriously rediscovered skim boarding, and when we got home he didn't forget about it.  At all.  Even though we live in the mountains.  So I kind of ignored it for a couple of days, while he was trying to set up a skim board situation in the yard, but finally I realized he's tenacious, and this wasn't going away, and then I looked on YouTube and realized that you really can set up a skim pool in your yard, and then I was all in.  

We studied YouTube, we scoured the outbuildings (and there are 35 years worth of stuff in these outbuildings, so you can almost always find what you're looking for.)  We came up with giant sheets of plastic, and we bought pool noodles by the case to make the sides, we strung 6 hoses together and ran them all the way across the pond to the riding ring - and then we gave up on that and dropped a pump in the pond instead.  And at the end of it, we had a skim pool.  And it was awesome.  And I got a board and learned to ride, and Sam was in heaven.  So yeah - giving up on some of my routines leaves space for the happy accident.  And I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to remember in the long run.  Of course now I'm back to google calendar, and production lists, and a To-Do that's kind of intimidating. But still - totally worth it.


  • Sumner Smith
  • kidslife

Comments on this post (2)

  • Sep 14, 2016

    Nicole – yes, I love the Happy Accident! It started out as a sarcastic way to refer to my knitting screw ups – except it ended up being true. :) xoxo

    — Sumner/Spotted Dog Farm

  • Sep 09, 2016

    I love the unexpected and surprises, but I particularly am fond of the phrase “happy accident.” Just another Sumner-ism to incorporate into my lexicon.

    — Nicole Chilivis

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