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Spotted Dog Farm Blog

We're All a Little Broken Here

I wrote the following post in 2016 - about a year after my dad died.  And then I didn't hit publish, because it felt like I was too close to it.  But I just found it in my drafts, and wow, reading it took me right back there.  When I was fumbling to find normal again, and thinking I could maybe see it but wasn't quite sure.  And it's a relief to look back and think that yes, things have gotten better.  But the rawness - that still makes my heart speed up a little, and my breath get short, because for sure that's how I felt most of the time that year after my dad died.

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I've been reading a bit lately.  (Well, I'm always reading, but my taste usually runs towards frothy fun fiction and I devour those like candy, but lately I've also been adding some substance into the mix.)

One book recommended by a friend:  Executive Toughness.  I think this title is kind of a misnomer, in that you in no way need to be an Executive or have aspirations thereof to benefit from this book.  It's more of a "figure out what you want and make a concrete plan on how to get there" kind of book.  Count me in.

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International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women's Day, and I'll admit I started the day with a little skepticism.  It seems like lots of days are named different things without much traction, but as yesterday wore on it started to feel different.  The stories and images I was seeing were inspiring, and thought provoking, and most of all made me feel proud to be a woman, and proud to support other women.

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The Creative Process

People like to ask about the creative process - as in, where do my ideas come from?  And I usually have no good answer, but today I sort of do.  Because it has occurred to me that all of my good ideas come from doing something.  Rarely from thinking about something - as in, I can't think my way into my next good idea (which is kind of a bummer because it would certainly be easier and less time consuming.  But also a lot less fun.) 

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Showing Up

I went to a photography workshop with the amazing Nicole McConville a few months ago, and among many other good pieces of advice, she recommended that small business owners take pictures of themselves at least once a month (I think, I'm paraphrasing here.)  Anyway, the point was that amidst all of the other things we enjoy photographing, don't forget that the common thread in everything you're doing is... you.  And I recognized this as good advice, and then kind of forgot it.  Because, you know, busy, distracted, other stuff going on. 

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Summer Recap

As is usual for me in the summer, I didn't keep up with the blog so well.  It's not that nothing was happening - it's more like too much was happening, and I was having fun living it, without wanting to stop and document it.  That actually seems like a pretty good philosophy - keep moving forward with the fun - so instead of wishing I had kept a more complete accounting, I'll just move on with the highlights.

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It's A Wild One

This winter has been a wild one so far.  For the last few years we had these mild, easy winters - usually punctuated with one or two snows, but for the most part no big deal.  It was equal parts delicious and anticlimactic.  This winter, on the other hand, has been a different beast.  January has been cold.  Like COLD. 

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Meandering Around the River

This week I wasn't so adventurous with the weekly excursion.  Mainly because I've been doing a lot of work and a lot of yoga, and was a little slack at making the time.  (Well, I did have one previous weekly outing, but that ended up mainly being breakfast and the food co-op, and that didn't seem worth documentation.)  So this week I again was a little on the short end of time, so instead of heading to Max Patch (which is high on my list), I instead just went down to the park at the river and walked around.  Verdict: still fun.  Not exactly full of wonder, but fun.

It was one of those perfect blue North Carolina days, and there's was still just a bit of color in the trees.

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Sunrise from the Top of the World

This morning I made it - I hop scotched up the Blue Ridge Parkway chasing the sunrise from overlook to overlook, and it was glorious.  I may have let out an involuntary laugh when I realized how ridiculously beautiful it was to be watching the sun rise from what feels like the top of the world.   

Here's the progression, starting about an hour before sunrise.  

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