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Spotted Dog Farm Blog

The Retropolitan

I ventured away from home yesterday for the first show I've ever done outside of the Asheville area.  Which seems really weird, but for so long my business was primarily online, so I didn't do many shows, and the ones I did were done somewhat grudgingly.  But lately that seems to be taking a turn - I'm enjoying the shows and having fun meeting new people.  And so I applied for a show in Knoxville, which, while only a couple of hours from here, is still the furtherest I've gone.

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Coming Soon: Stitch Marker Necklaces

Ok, I can't take it anymore!  I've been sitting on this for a while, but I've gotta put some pictures out there. I've been playing with a new idea, and it's almost ready for primetime.  The new idea is... stitch marker necklaces!  Yep, combine my jewelry with my knit and crochet, and you get stitch marker necklaces.

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Show Season

It is craft show season again... I'll be out and about for the next three weekends. To be honest I go through phases where I do a ton of shows, and then hardly any shows, because the prep for a show can feel a little overwhelming, but the shows themselves are always fun.  

Working in a studio on the farm is great, and communicating over a computer is an incredible way to be in touch with a lot of people, but seeing people in person is the best.

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Everything Bagel Bracelets

Things are rolling along in the studio these days... we'll have the new Spring collection out on Monday (yay!) with some old favorites along with some some fun new ideas.

Chief among the fun new ideas - the Everything Bagels.  Yep, that's really what we're calling them - mainly because that's how they came into being.  We were looking at all of  our flowers in the studio - lots of flowers, in lots of colors, and loving how they all blend together even when they aren't in a thought-out design, and one of us said "we should use those like an everything bagel - where you just put everything on it and see what happens!"  And since one of the main benefits of a creative business is the ability to try out just about any idea for better or worse, of course we made one.  And we *loved* the way it turned out!   Everything Bagels rule - both for breakfast and in resin jewelry.

So the spring collection is going to be the maiden voyage for our Everything Bagels.  They're for the adventurous at heart - no two of them are alike, you don't know exactly what colors or flowers you're going to get, you just know that it's going to be bold, and vibrant and awesome.  A metaphor for life, yes?  Embrace the unknown, and do it boldly.


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A Side of Merino with My Resin

Lots of jewelry going on in my studio these days - we're prepping for the new spring collection, lots of new flowers and designs.  And in the middle of all of the new flowers an idea kept floating around in the back of my head.

You might recall that at times in my life I have knit - a lot.  So I'm a fiber geek, and particularly enjoy playing with natural fibers, and I found myself in a local shop that sells all manner of supplies.  Which is how I ended up with a bag of beautiful merino wool.  Merino is like the platinum version of wool - soft and smooth, and it's the ingredient in those fancy Smartwool and Patagonia base layers.  Or, in this case, my latest bracelet.

As with most experiments, some of these were awesome and some were awful, but overall I'm highly entertained by putting merino in the resin.


The people that've seen these wanted to know if I'd make them one - and while that wasn't my original plan I'm more than happy to keep playing with the merino.  So, for a limited time, here's a listing for special order merino bangles.  


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January Surprise

Back in December we started brainstorming for a January jewelry surprise.  Something fun and seasonal, and not part of our usual designs.  And, no joke, we found it loitering on the fence of the back pasture - Bittersweet Vine.

Bittersweet's kind of a funny plant - its berries are gorgeous - bright red orange.  But it's an invasive, and shows up and takes over all over the place, and so in general  it isn't a great idea to use it as an ornamental.  But - resin's the exception.  Since the berries are completely contained in the resin - like a bug trapped in amber - they can't be spread.  And so, we're so happy to announce that Bittersweet is our January surprise.  Because January can always use a little bit of brightening up, right?

Before we started making the jewelry we had to get the Bittersweet off of the pasture fence.  The day before we started Christmas break we headed over to gather it.  It was a beautiful day, and the perfect way to start a break.  

Since then the Bittersweet has been drying in our studio (and on my Christmas tree), and now it's finally ready for the resin.  I'm super happy with how it has turned out - the resin brightens and amplifies the color, and it's gorgeous.  Also fun - the berries give the bracelets and necklaces a little bit of texture, so you can just barely feel the shape of the berries through the resin.  And because the berries are a little bigger than our usual botanicals, we can only put them in the bracelets and bar necklaces - there isn't room in the other pieces.


This January Surprise arrives in my shop on Wednesday January 18, and I hope you enjoy it.  We've certainly had a great time making it.  And one thing to note - we only have as much as we gathered from the pasture, so once it's gone it's gone.  

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Actual New Jewelry

I know you've been wondering where I've been lately.  Right?  On the edge of your seat with curiosity about my lack of posts.  Well, trust me when I tell you I've been missing you too.  Because when I'm blogging about wildlife and giant puppies and treehouses, it usually means I've having a leisurely-ish morning enjoying myself.  But there's been no leisure on the farm the last couple of weeks.  Because instead I've been semi-frantically getting a new collection ready for you for the holidays.  So even though I wasn't writing, I was still thinking about you.  Sweet, right?

The last few weeks have involved hack saws and six different kinds of chain, and a zillion ear wire options, and a few shapes of necklaces that looked bizarre, and a few that looked awesome but are waiting until spring because I can't quite figure out what to do with them, and... finally... a few pieces that I love and can't wait to show you.

The collection officially goes live on Friday... there are lots more pieces than these, but here's the sneak peek.  I can't wait for Friday! 

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Woolworth Walk and Studio Ninjas

Just finished updating Woolworth Walk - my one and only gallery.  I've been there for years... and more years.  I was there when I primarily sold beeswax lanterns!


 I still have a few of those around the house - beeswax shells with pressed flowers.  I love them, but they're a mess to make.  And also quite seasonal - turns out no one wants to buy things that you set on fire in the summer.  

Woolworth very graciously transitioned with me when I moved from making beeswax lanterns, to beeswax jewelry, to resin jewelry.  


Why no more beeswax jewelry?  Well, it's cool, but it's not exactly in it for the long haul.  I mean, it's beeswax, so even if you coat it in resin it still isn't going to last too long.  So eventually I moved on to pure resin - no beeswax required - and the rest is history.   If you're ever in Asheville, I highly recommend Woolworth  Walk.  It's all local art, and the Soda Fountain is the best.

Speaking of things that happen in Asheville - I'm also hiring a part time Studio Ninja (or Studio Assistant, if you want to be boring about it.)  If you're in Asheville and you think your destiny might involve working in my studio, check out the Jobs link in the footer of my website.  I've gone back and forth a hundred times on whether to have someone help me with production, but I've finally figured it out.  Despite my best efforts, I cannot warp the time space continuum.  And thus I have failed at creating more hours in the day.  

Soooo I'm gonna need some help.  Because I have all of these ideas in my head for amazing new jewelry, but so far no hours in the day to actually create it.  Creating new designs is one of the most fun parts of what I do - lots of trial and error, and things that you know are going to look amazing that don't, and things that you didn't intend to do at all that end up being your favorite thing.  But it's time consuming - like right now I need to go to Home Depot and buy a pipe cutter and then scour a few jewelry supply catalogs for the exact right chain.  Those are for different components by the way - no pipe cutter required for jewelry chain.  So I'm excited to free up some time for new design, and am thinking the universe is going to send me the exact right person.  Come on, right person! 

Speaking of the right people, if you're not in Asheville, but want to be part of the Spotted Dog Farm team, I've also got a few things I could use help with on a virtual basis - so if you're an experienced VA with a love of jewelry and details (not necessarily in that order), drop me a line.

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A Bracelet That Would Fit My Horse (a story of bangle sizes)

I think I mentioned a while back that I was starting experiments in bangle sizing. It seems like this should be fairly easy to accomplish - just make different sizes already.  Except that everything I make has to come out of a mold, which means I need different size molds, and the only mold form I had was for a size medium.  Problem.  And also baseline irritating, since people come in different sizes, so obviously bracelets should come in different sizes too.    

So I undertook some sleuthing on the website of my silicone supplier, and it revealed that you can both shrink and expand molds.  Score.

The thing is - the directions on the website totally worked. They just didn't work as seamlessly as it sounded like they would.  

I ordered quick curing urethane resin (yucky stuff, but extremely cool - you can actually watch it turn from clear to white in less than a minute as it cures, if you can find a moment to look at it during your panic while you try to get it where you want it before that cool chemical reactions kicks in.)  And I got special silicone catalyst so that you can either add solvent or take it away to make the whole thing shrink or expand. And I screwed it up, and tore the molds, and let them expand so much my horse could've worn the bracelet, or shrink so much my cat could've worn the bracelet, but then eventually I actually DID IT!  I made bracelets the same shape as my size medium, but in a small and a large.  SUCCESS.

Except that the resin wasn't smooth.  At all.  Because pouring quick curing urethane into a silicone mold that's coated in an evaporating solvent is not a recipe for beautiful resin.  So then I poured a master blank in each size out of epoxy and embarked on the very laborious, but extremely rewarding, process of sanding (and sanding, and sanding, and sanding) and polishing (and polishing, and polishing) until that epoxy was perfectly smooth and shiny.  And so then, finally, I actually had what I wanted.  The one master blank in each size.   Like the needle in the haystack.   And I made a mold off that one master, and made a bunch more blanks, and I'm now guarding those with my life.  Or at least with my big dogs.  Because while fun, that was also seriously labor intensive.

And that friends is the story of how I ended up with these bangles in a range of sizes.  By now you're maybe thinking, couldn't she have just found some bangle blanks in a bunch of different sizes?  And the answer is: maybe - but they wouldn't have looked alike.  And the thing is, I wanted to offer the *same* bangles in a range of sizes.  And now I do!

And if you're a fan of working with epoxy, and you're wondering how I sanded and polished it to get a perfect finish - I'm actually going to write that down at some point.  Maybe in an ebook.  Because there is not much information out there explaining how to do it, and a lot of websites that will tell you it is impossible.  I tried a bazillion things that didn't work before I found one that did - but eventually, I found one that did.  So at some point, I'm going to put it out there in the world.  Knowledge is power.

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