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Spotted Dog Farm Blog

Coming Soon: Stitch Marker Necklaces

Ok, I can't take it anymore!  I've been sitting on this for a while, but I've gotta put some pictures out there. I've been playing with a new idea, and it's almost ready for primetime.  The new idea is... stitch marker necklaces!  Yep, combine my jewelry with my knit and crochet, and you get stitch marker necklaces.

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Swatch Like You Mean It

Lately I've been overrun with crochet ideas.  Some stitch patterns that look different than what I'm used to.  They look like cables, or knit stitches, or their own peculiar thing, and I am pretty convinced they are telling me to make them into things.  

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Current WIP

Checking in with a quick update on my current work in progress.  And for once that's  singular - only one work!  That's actually my preference - one thing at a time - but I don't often manage to stay there.  

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Count Your Stitches

I've been on a knitting binge, but now I'm back to crochet. I love crochet - lots of upsides, including the ability to always try it on as you go (since it isn't crowded onto needles), to be sculptural, to happily freeform different shapes without much plan and see in real time how it's turning out (again, since it isn't crowded onto needles.) 

But you know what I don't love?  The ability to lose a stitch and never realize it. 

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Crochet Cowl Pattern

I’ve been working on making the perfect cowl pattern for the past few months.  According to my acupuncturist friend, keeping one’s neck warm in the winter is the key to happiness and fulfillment (or something like that), and so I started wearing cowls in the winter a few years ago and got in the habit.  Also I cut off all of my hair (like *all* of my hair), so my neck is cold without a scarf or cowl.

But, so far my cowl attempts have been not quite right.  The first crochet version  wasn’t substantial enough - pretty, but not so functional.  The enormous knit one was cool but kind of weird - the different stitches I chose (fluffy brioche, rib and giant cable) weren’t the same length so it kind of pulled - but it has promise and I’m going to revisit it.  The plain fluffy brioche knit in the round was kind of floppy and curled.  But like Goldilocks I kept on trying, and I’ve now I’ve got the one I was looking for all along.

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Back to the Yarn

You know it's cold out when I start pining for yarn.  Have I told you that I used to knit and crochet a lot?  Like, a LOT.   I made some pieces for sale, but hand knitting things to sell is like living in your own personal sweat shop.  It's impossible to sell hand knits for enough money to actually support yourself.  Except for some very clever people who knit small things with giant yarn, but that wasn't what I loved about playing with yarn.  

I was more like very intricate things with very tiny yarn.  

Or very colorful things with lots of different yarn.

I like the puzzle of it.  But sometimes you don't really have a lot of space in your life to spend hours figuring out puzzles, so I haven't been in the yarn nearly as much as I'd like in recent years.  (In fact that picture of the girl in the hat?  Yeah she's my niece, she's 19 now, and she's one of my studio assistants.  So it's been a while.)  

But the bug bit again around Thanksgiving, and I went digging through the yarn stash and came up with a project that seems doable.  A crochet cowl.  Cowl, because my pilates teacher/acupuncturist is insistent that keeping one's neck warm in the winter is next to godliness... or something like that... and also I like them.  And also I found a pattern that was pretty but kind of mindless.  Perfect for the amount of bandwidth I have right now.

And so, I'm back to a yarn project.  And I love it.  There's something meditative and satisfying, and also something that feels like a tie to the generations of people who have done this craft before me.  A grounding, and an understanding of other people.  It works for me.

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