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  • How to Irritate Your Husband
  • Sumner Smith
  • yoga

How to Irritate Your Husband

That's kind of a presumptuous title - I mean, there are probably a thousand ways to irritate one's husband.  And to be fair, vice versa.  But in this particular case it all goes back to yoga.

Because I've been doing a lot of yoga, and I get that the point of yoga is totally breath,  and centering and all that.  And I believe it.  I mean, it kind of saved me last year.  But... I do like the poses.  They're fun.  And if you show up every single day you eventually discover you can do more of them.  And of course the more you do the more you want to do. Or at least that's how I am.  It's fun > I like fun > I want to have more fun.  

Which leads me to... the handstand.  I can kind of do one - like if you just want it to look really controlled, and you get vertical, and you're not picky about how long you stay up there, then I can totally do one.  But I want to just stay up there until I decide to come down.  And that's not yet in my repertoire.

So I bought this video.  Which is awesome.  And he's all about practicing a lot - like walking yourself backwards up the wall ten times, four times a day, and hold it for time.  And use a spotter so you don't have to go up and down so often!  Great advice, except there's no one in my life who is just hanging around four different times a day to help my handstand technique.

Enter the bedroom hall.  Genius, right?!  Walk yourself backwards up the wall  and you basically have a spotter - because you can't fall over either way.  Which leads me to irritating the husband.  

He recently painted this entire house.  And I'm incredibly grateful.  And we painted it white - because the land is so pretty and the windows are so big that we decided the landscape was the focal point.  True!  But the white means that even when you wear clean socks, walking yourself backwards up the wall a few times a day might leave a teeny tiny (big) mark on the white paint.  And Clark's pretty patient, but my grasp of the handstand is in no way more important to him than his not having to paint that wall again.

Looks like the next coat of white paint is on me.

  • Sumner Smith
  • yoga