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  • Feeding the Horse: A Mindfulness Practice
  • Sumner Smith
  • farmlife

Feeding the Horse: A Mindfulness Practice

I wrote that title as a joke, except... it kind of isn't.

As you've probably heard, a morning routine is all the rage.  According to the experts, if, first thing in the morning, we spend a few minutes on our head (I do sort of like meditation, in a sporadic kind of way) and a few minutes moving around, and make our bed (?? this is seriously one of them), then our day will get off to a start that guarantees world domination.  Or at least a better start than average.

Which is where feeding the horse comes in.  If the person who works from home (that's me) feeds the horse in the morning, it involves a 5 minute walk up a rather steep hill to the barn.  If the person leaving to go to work (that's Clark) feeds the horse, it involves bringing barn boots on your drive to the gate, and then a quick detour to the barn on your way out.  So for either of us this is not exactly a major hardship.  And for either of us, it's kind of nice to move around a little first thing in the morning.  So obviously our response to this question of who feeds the horse has been to have a small, slightly passive, yet ongoing fight over who is going to do it.  Because if you aren't being all "what a perfect start to my day!" about it, it's a minor deviation from the regular schedule, and sort of a pain in the ass. 

But this weekend I was reminded again of the tenets to start your day off right, and I had one of those tiny light bulbs in my brain - what if I just decided to walk up and feed the horse every morning, to get myself moving and breath some fresh air and look around and say hello to the horse?  Horse fed = moving around = world domination.

And so this morning I did.  And I took pictures.  And I looked around.  And I talked at length with the dogs, who like to accompany me on all outdoor jaunts.  And it was way better than stumbling towards my computer clutching a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  So I think feeding the horse kind of is a mindfulness practice, if one actually looks around while doing it.  Which I guess means that literally anything could be.  Which, now that I think about it, is the entire premise of a good book I read earlier this year.  So go forth, avoid a fight, look around, and begin the path to world domination.

  • Sumner Smith
  • farmlife

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  • Nov 03, 2018

    Yes! I love this! I am going to read it to Bemro remind him how fortunate he is to “get” to feed the sheep and free the chickens every morning before school. Good for the soul!

    — Nicole

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