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  • Christmas Cookies FTW
  • Post author
    Sumner Smith
  • food

Christmas Cookies FTW

This was originally published for Christmas 2017 - but I just looked it up to make cookies again, and thought I'd share one more time to bump it to the top of the list.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! 

I’m back!  Weeks of jewelry making and jewelry packing and emailing and website listing - over!  And it was fun, and I’m grateful, but - I’m for sure ready to shift gears.  And, unexpectedly, my gears shifted towards Christmas cookies.


This is funny because I don’t like to eat cookies - team potato chip for the win.  But I saw these cookies on Instagram, and was smitten.  So of course I wanted to make them.  Originally I was going to try to make them exactly as-is, but then I was in Williams-Sonoma and saw cookies that looked like they had been drawn on, and that was it.  I was going to make glazed cookies with Christmas drawings - never mind that I’ve never glazed cookies nor drawn on them.


And it turns out - it’s actually not that hard to do, so if you too are a bit of a cookie decorating novice and would like to have some fun, here’s what I did:
  • Follow Molly Yeh’s cookie recipe exactly - it was easy and turned out well.  Also she has the best description of when to take them out of the oven that I’ve ever read - when they’re just starting to think about turning brown.  My previous cookie baking attempts usually ended up just this side of overdone.
  • Make Molly’s cookie glaze in the same recipe too - it worked great, but be ware that if you want a colored glaze it takes VERY LITTLE food coloring to produce a color you want… rather than a color that would stop traffic.  Unless you want a color that would stop traffic in which case go crazy.
  • I didn’t use her fancy rolling cooking cutter - although I wanted to, I just couldn’t find one.  Instead I used a fluted pastry cutter and it worked fine - you just have to be careful about making a straight line.  Also I used a biscuit cutter.  Variety is the spice of life.
  • Now for the drawing part - I found these food color markers and they are amazing!  They draw exactly like a regular marker on the glaze, so you can do whatever floats your boat.  I was inspired by the font on a Christmas card my sister-in-law sent us, and some simple drawings, and that’s what I ran with.  
One thing to note - this is a multi-part process, so I’ve been doing it over the course of a couple of days.  The dough has to be refrigerated for at least an hour before you bake, and then the glaze has to *completely* dry before you use the marker - otherwise the marker runs and the glaze collapses and the joy is gone.  So I’ve been making the cookies and glazing on one day, and drawing the next.  But I think you could do it in one day if you started early enough.
I hope you have fun with these - and if you finish them and want to share I would love to see what you make - you can tag on me on Instagram (@spotteddogfarm) or send me an email.  
  • Post author
    Sumner Smith
  • food