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  • The Swedish Divorce Ritual
  • Sumner Smith
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The Swedish Divorce Ritual

Here's the thing about living on a small farm surrounded by beautiful forests.  The trees that comprise the forest fall down.  Like, all the time.  And they have a real knack for falling on a fence.  So then it's time to fix the fence, which I actually like, but first you have to get the tree off the fence.  And the first thing most people think of for cutting a largeish tree is a chain saw.  But here's another thing you should know - I'm completely untrustworthy with sharp things.  Which is weird, because I'm actually a good detail person - resin doesn't reward the slob.  But still, I'm a trainwreck with a kitchen knife.  So the chainsaw is out.  And then I started thinking, there has to be another solution to this.  I mean, not everyone has a chainsaw - for example those homesteader people who aspire to live in the 1800s.  Surely they cut trees, right?

And it turns out yes, they do cut trees!  And they like to post videos of how they do it on youtube, which doesn't seem all that 1856, but whatever.  I'm appreciative.

So I find this Swedish bow saw that's supposed to be the answer to all of my problems - glides through downed trees like butter!  Couldn't be easier!  And also cheap.  Yay Swedes.


It arrives, and I'm thrilled, and I tell Clark with great excitement, and... he doesn't get it.  The direct quote:  "Is this a Swedish divorce ritual?"  Buzz kill.  And also, it's not a two person saw, and I didn't suggest that *he* use it. 

Which of course means I'm now 100 times more determined that this thing is going to work.  I thought it was entirely possible I'd be fueled by ire and vexation, and only sheer muscle and aggravation was going to make it work.  But no - it works! It's actually pretty easy.  Well, easier than sawing through a tree with a handsaw might be.  And Sam can use it.  And of course I took pictures and texted them to Clark immediately.  Because that's what healthy couples do, right?  Gloat.  At least a little.

  • Sumner Smith
  • farm

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