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  • The Death Star
  • Sumner Smith
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The Death Star

I just put a silicone mold into Xylene to expand (because, yay!, we're going to have size large (and small) bangles that are the exact same shape as the regular ones!  Because I've figured out how to shrink and expand silicone molds thanks to  Mad scientists unite!).  Anyway - I just put the mold into Xylene, which smells horrible and is only used outside, and I looked up and saw the Death Star and it made me laugh.  If anything is emblematic of our move back to the farm, it's the Death Star.

That's what Clark calls our new fancy tumbling composter.  Sam and I put the beast together during a couple of snow days, and it was way more of a commitment than I was ready for.  We had to pre-drill *70*  holes.  Some of which were in metal.  I mean, in what universe does "some assembly required" adequately describe that?  But we used some foul language (me), and ninja-like instruction reading (Sam) and persevered and it finally came together.  

Prior to the Death Star, when we were still living within a mile of downtown Asheville and my dad was still living on the farm, we actually just paid a company to come pick up our food scraps and ever-so-discretely turn them into compost.  It was like magic.   And prior to that we got a big rectangle composter thing, and threw shit into it with wild abandon and no thought whatsoever (entire newspaper? go!  old bouquet of flowers? sure!), and then we put it in the shade and never remembered to turn it, and so after a few months we had... a giant container of random scraps, still in their original form.  That's when we started paying people to do it.

But when we moved back here, there's no one to discretely turn your scraps into compost.  Thus enters the Death Star.  And look - I'm doing it right!  That's a wheelbarrow of old hay from the barn, so I'm legit trying to follow directions on how to make compost this time. Fingers crossed the Death Star produces something useable, because I'm going to be pretty disappointed if my old orange rinds are still staring back at me in the spring.

And for those of you wondering about the larger bangles and Xylene - I'll report back on that one too once it comes to fruition.

  • Sumner Smith
  • compostfarm

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